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Venue Facilities

* All venues are staffed by trained stewards

* There is radio communication from each Venue to the festival office, who can summon help quickly

* There is a qualified first aid team on duty at all times

* Please be aware that the festival is located in a rural setting therefore there is no street lighting, a torch may be advisable if you are attending a show after dark

* Please be considerate when parking



Located at:- The George, Longbridge Deverill Village Hall, Upper Deverills Village Hall and The Barn in Kingston Deverill.

Please be aware there are no toilet facilities at Brixton Deverill Church.



Parking for the disabled is available as close to each venue as possible


Longbridge Deverill

Main parking for the church and the village hall is located in a field adjacent to The George approximately 10 minutes walk away.


Brixton Deverill

Main parking for the church is located in a nearby field a short walk to the church.


Kingston Deverill

Main parking for the church and the Barn is located in the Barn yard and in an area opposite the church. There is also additional parking weather permitting in the green adjacent to the Upper Deverills village hall.

Rounded square

Painted by Cilla Stansfeld, local artist

Welcome to the Deverills valley!  For the history lovers among you and those with an appreciation for outstanding architecture we have a real treat in store with our selection of beautiful Grade II listed venues.  Click on the buildings on the map below to find out more about what each venue has to offer.  Or click on the list of venues on the right...

Rounded square