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Kepow! Theatre Company

Seven Ages

Friday 2 May, 8pm

Angel Exit Theatre

The Ballad of Martha Brown

Saturday 3 May, 4pm

Angel Exit

Play in a Day with Salisbury Playhouse

Workshop: Monday 5 May, 11am - 4.30pm


What's On?

The Barn, Kingston Deverill

This beautiful 16th century storage barn stands in the large yard of Manor Farm, Kingston Deverill.  The name Kingston goes back to the Conquest, after which the land was owned by the Crown.  The valley's long farming history dates back to 3,500 BC with numerous tumuli, earthworks and barrows in the surrounding landscape.


The Barn has played host to many a dramatic performance and several community events. Showcasing touring theatre companies, both traditional and contemporary, and a 'Play in a Day', this venue is not one to be missed!

The Barn, Kingston

Play in a Day with Salisbury Playhouse

Performance: Monday 5 May, 5pm

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Closest toilets for this venue are located at The Barn and Upper Deverills Village Hall.



Parking for the disabled is available as close to this venue as possible


Main parking is located in The Barn yard and in an area opposite the church. There is also additional parking weather permitting in the green adjacent to the Upper Deverills village hall.

Venue Facilities