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Saturday 3 May, 2pm

What's On?

Longbridge Deverill village hall

LD village hall

Longbridge Deverill takes part of its name from an ancient bridge, believed to have been built by the abbots of Glastonbury.  Longbridge Deverill holds some of the first evidence of organised village life in this valley from around 600 BC with an Iron Age site on Cow Down.  This hall was once a village school and plays host to many community events.  It will be a fantastic venue in which to enjoy world music and drama.


The festival hub, it will house the festival office and information centre.

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Beautiful Monsters

Sunday 4 May, 6pm


Guided Walk - Longbridge Deverill

Monday 5 May, 12.30pm


There are toilets at this venue.



Parking for the disabled is available as close to the venue as possible


Main parking for the village hall is located in a field adjacent to The George Inn approximately 6 minutes walk away.

Venue Facilities